The Era of Smarter Healthcare

Data is everywhere. It's in your photos, your coffee, and your music. The internet of things has connected you in a way that has never existed before. And we're creating the same thing with the data of your health so you can be in control, stay informed, and live better.

Engineered from the ground up

Identity Resolution

By using graph theory and proprietary algorithms, we map and match the markers of a patient's identity to create a unique patient identifier.



At our core is a constellation of data nodes and life points, growing ever-smarter and faster, to connect and verify millions of identities in minutes.


The CrossChx Identity Resolution Coalition is an alliance of healthcare partners that are dedicated to creating one complete record for every patient.



We live in a world that blends technology and information like nothing we’ve ever seen.

The modern age has allowed us to solve longstanding issues in healthcare—issues of medical identity, duplicate records, and patient engagement. We've created more than 50 million unique and global patient IDs for healthcare, achieving a milestone that no other company has ever hit, and laying the foundation for the future of healthcare.