Meet Queue

Your modern solution to patient registration, Queue gives you a new level of engagement with your patients, enhancing their experience and quality of care.

What can Queue do for your lobby?

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Greet your patients with a warm welcome

We designed Queue to provide a safe, consistent, and trusted experience for absolutely every patient that comes into your lobby.

Before sitting down the patient enters their information using Queue’s touch screen, capturing their information safely and accurately.

See how Queue increases efficiency

Add peace of mind to every visit

After checking in, patients can relax in the lobby while the Dash Queue, a wall-mounted display, keeps them informed by giving them a clear view into their place in line and wait-time.

The Dash Queue then notifies and directs them where to go to complete their registration, ensuring your lobby stays organized.

Queue modernizes the patient experience

Enjoy a new level of clarity

The Queue registration tab gives your staff one platform to view and manage every patient in a lobby. When the registrar is ready for the next patient, they simply click the ‘Call’ button on the Queue registration tab.

This allows registrars to prioritize patient visits and greet them by name to deliver a more personal level of care.

Achieve a 5 minute wait-time

Gain insights into the everyday

With Queue’s built-in analytics, administrators can see wait-times and patient volume for any location Queue is installed. This allows you to identify key metrics and track your progress from one Queue location to the next.

With the ability to generate custom reports, you can make decisions using real-time data to improve your processes and patient flow.

Immediate access to actionable intelligence

Queue Suite

From the patient's first interaction to the last, we designed Queue to improve and elevate every point a patient touches in the registration process. While Queue gives your patients a consistent sign-in experience and peace of mind in the waiting room, your staff gains real-time insight and intelligence with Queue’s built-in analytics.

Welcome to the lobby of the future.

50,000,000 Unique patient IDs created and counting

Queue is equipped with our identity resolution software that accurately captures patient data, deduplicates records, catches errors in patient medical profiles, and verifies patients' identities to prevent medical mistakes.

Want to see Queue in your lobby? So do we.

Queue comes with:
  • Multi-touch screen tablet and stand
  • 42" LCD lobby monitor
  • Built-in analytics
  • On-site training
  • Ongoing 24/7 support

Let's start with a simple conversation to understand your needs, answer any questions, and provide the details. Like how we have free setup, installation, on-site training, and 24/7 support.

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Benefits and Features

Secure Sign-In

Eliminate your clipboard and reduce the risk of identity errors

Improved Wait-Times

Reduce your patient wait-times by up to 80% with Queue
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Efficient Registration

The average Queue patient waits 4 minutes and 40 seconds

Bird’s Eye View

See everyone in your lobby and how long they’ve been waiting

Everyday Reporting

Use real-time data to identify key metrics and track your progress
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Great First Impression

Queue combines smart technology and an easy-to-use platform

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