Olive is the first healthcare-specific artificial intelligence and process automation solution that streamlines repetitive, high-volume tasks using the systems and tools you already have in place.

The Old Way

Running prior authorizations and eligibility checks takes up your staff’s time and can result in costly human error

With Olive

Olive automates your high-volume, repetitive workflows so that you can focus on more important initiatives

Reduce Costs

Increase accuracy and eliminate clerical errors, which can lead to improper patient billing

Boost Efficiency

Enter and transfer data into and between multiple systems without human intervention

Improve Satisfaction

Olive works alongside you and automates tasks so that you can focus on patient care

Get Smarter Over Time

Receive recommendations to create more efficiencies for you and your staff

Let Olive automate eligibility checks, unadjudicated claims, prescription prior authorizations, appointment reminders, medical bill processing, reporting and analytics, and much more.

Why We’re Different

Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)


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