Meet Olive, Your Newest Employee

Using Artificial Intelligence, Olive becomes a valuable employee by automating repetitive, high volume tasks, and provides true interoperability by working with the systems and tools you already have in place.

See how Olive works

See how Olive works

Watch this short overview to see how Olive will allow you and your staff to focus on the things that require more of a human touch.

Olive enters and transfers data in numerous systems with a simple command, and will offer recommendations and solutions to create more efficiencies for you and your staff.

No Integrations
Olive uses your existing applications and is system agnostic

Full Automation
Olive completes high-volume tasks and workflows without human intervention

Around the Clock
Olive works 24/7 and never takes breaks, sick days or vacations

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Olive is proud to work with the following organizations

“We’ve been working with CrossChx to develop where we can deploy this artificial intelligence in our system, and frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the number of opportunities.”

Mike Hagan
AVP of Revenue Cycle Operations,
Meadows Regional Medical Center

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