By Sean Lane | CrossChx CEO

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with some amazing people through building companies.

The best feeling in the world is when those amazing people form small teams that can execute super effectively without much guidance. When they do it right, they do it much better than I could do on my own. The people who rise to become the elite members of these teams of badass executers typically share some similar characteristics.

They’re always smart. They’re always creative. And they always bleed blue.



So what does it mean to bleed blue? Bleeding blue (the color of CrossChx) means you recognize that CrossChx is bigger than yourself. You realize that this is your opportunity to truly master the universe and indelibly change healthcare. You realize that your talents and capabilities have, finally, been noticed and you have been given responsibilities that match. You understand the world needs CrossChx, and more importantly, the world needs you to wake up every morning ready to perform mini-miracles.

You have a chip on your shoulder because people have always underestimated you. The only people in your life who understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it can be counted on one hand. Your friends tell stories of that person they used to have fun with.

You can’t even have a meaningful conversation with any of your friends at barbecues or happy hours anymore because all the small talk that may have captivated your attention before now seems incredibly small and a waste of time and mental energy—time and mental energy that you could have spent on getting one step closer to your goal. You’re always hungry for more. You think constantly about kicking everyone’s ass (figuratively) because competitive animal instincts have now taken over 84.5% of your subconscious thoughts. You can’t really think of anything else… and you kind of love it. The joy of winning outweighs the suck.

After reading this you can decide if you bleed blue or not. If you do, then welcome to the club. If you don’t, then find someone who does and do what they tell you.