By Sean Lane | CrossChx CEO

Providers have a ton of health data.

Physicians, nurses, and coders have been pecking away for years on their mandated EHR, filling it full of useful data. They’ve created one of the largest stockpiles of super important content on the planet.

This sad fact occurred to me recently: without buying an expensive toolset, they can’t even search their own data effectively. And the ones they pay for are usually ugly and don’t meet the standards of the rest of the technology economy.

If we are going to get serious about bringing the infinite loop of internet goodness to healthcare, we need to get a few basic things right. Let’s look past identity for a second (what CrossChx argues is the IP address layer for healthcare data) and just look at the lack of a beautiful search. Providers should be able to type in any word and get results on their health data. They should be able to click through their data with links assigned to all the people (patients, physicians), places (department, facilities), and things (symptoms, drugs, diagnoses). That data should at very least be organized beautifully and basic stats (which many get away with calling analytics) should be calculated and put front and center.



We’ve decided to build CareMiner to give the basic right of a health browser to all providers, for free. Hospitals currently using our SafeChx identity management system (100% free) will be able to access CareMiner (our free health browser) through Quad (our free app marketplace).

The word “free” is thrown around a lot in the paragraph above. And yes, it truly is free. We do sell applications and tools that make healthcare better through modern patient experiences and modern provider tools; but some things should just be table stakes plain and simple. We’ve been committed to making a universal patient identity free for the past two years. Over 100 health systems have implemented our identity management system and almost 200 have signed up. It’s all been free, just ask them. We have created a universal ID for over 19M identities. We’re now committed to making the ability to search and navigate your health data a basic right by offering CareMiner for free to our current and future customers.

We don’t mess around, so expect CareMiner to launch in the next few months. And if you’re already a CrossChx customer, your account manager will get you set up with this capability.

We’ll be back to sell you more great stuff at some point, but for now, we’re going to get everyone to a better foundation, liberate heath data, and make patient identity available at no cost.

For more information about CrossChx, head over to We’d love to get you set up with SafeChx and get you ready for CareMiner. We know it will send shockwaves through the industry.