We’re creating a future that puts you in control of your health information

Every time you change your doctor, insurance, address, or any piece of your identity, a new and different medical profile of you is created. This forces care providers to make decisions with incomplete or inaccurate information.

With Connect, you can securely store your medical history, prescriptions, and more all on your smartphone. Then, you can share your profile with any provider you want, eliminating paper forms while protecting your medical identity.

Isn’t it better to be connected?


We’re building the first global identity layer for healthcare
By implementing our products and systems, healthcare providers are connected by their patient’s unique and global IDs that CrossChx has created—60 million and counting.

Now, hospitals, clinics, private practices, and caregivers all gain the benefits that come with true patient identity resolution.


A new way to Connect


Download the CrossChx Connect mobile app to keep your medical history, insurance info, prescriptions, and more, secure and in your hands.

By having a direct link to your patients, you can be sure that everything is accurate, up to date, and available for you to see in real-time.


Identity Resolution

As technology advances and information goes digital, the integrity of patient data is first and foremost, so we designed and built our systems to understand who you are and to protect your identity. 

Here’s how we’re doing it.


Graph Technology

The CrossChx identity engine lives and breathes in the form of our graph. The patient health information we have lives here, behind military grade security that is 2x stronger encryption than what HIPAA requires.

By combining our proprietary algorithms with the BaseTen process, our graph connects and verifies millions of identities in minutes.




The CrossChx Identity Resolution Coalition
is a network of healthcare systems and partners that are solving the fundamental challenge of patient identity resolution.

Partners of CIRC benefit from exclusive insight and intelligence—so far that’s meant 7,700,000 identity errors and 1,300,000 duplicates have been found.