Connect gathers and analyzes patient data from across the care continuum, empowering care teams to manage care across disparate health systems to reduce costs and improve outcomes.

A Single Source of Truth

One interoperable and patient-centered care plan brings care managers, providers and community-based organizations into one conversation.



Care Insights, a new way to give you personalized insights when they matter most. It’s designed to make you work smarter, not harder by tracking progress, viewing stats and identifying areas for improvement. The more you use Connect the better the insights become.


Benefits of Connect

Patient Population Management
Easily identify high-risk patients, create cohorts and automatically coordinate the proper next steps
—even onsite at home health visits with responsive software on your device.

Searchable Patient Data
View and analyze key data, identify high-risk patients, and track your quality benchmarks.

Care Plan Collaboration
Manage tasks, add reminders, and set due dates so you know what your team has accomplished and what needs to happen next.