What is Connect?

Connect is a platform that gives you a direct link to a patient’s insurance info and medical history, eliminating sign-in clipboards and patient intake forms. You can also send appointment reminders and allow your patients to sign in using their smartphone. Learn more about Connect by visiting crosschx.com/connect.

How do I explain the CrossChx Connect app to patients?

The CrossChx Connect app puts you in control of your health information and places it in the palm of your hand. Once you create a profile, you can fill out your medical forms, upload your insurance cards, and use your smartphone to sign in to your appointment.

After you enter your medical information into the app, you can share your profile with any provider so they have your accurate information and you never have to fill out another patient intake form.

Learn more about our mobile app by visiting


The app is free to download and available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.


Sample Phrase and Talking Points

Did you know? You can sign in to your next appointment with your smartphone by downloading the CrossChx Connect app.

Our office now offers mobile sign in! Download the CrossChx Connect app for free, complete your forms, and sign in using your smartphone.

Common Questions

Why does the mobile app need a SSN?
A Social Security Number helps to locate a patient's medical information and protect their identity.

Is the mobile app protected and secure?
Absolutely. The app actually exceeds HIPAA compliance standards to safeguard information.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
You can call your dedicated CrossChx rep, email connect@crosschx.com, or call 800.501.3161.

Planned Upgrades and Features

Appointment reminder customization

  • Automatic scheduling
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Calendar view

Detailed patient information

  • Patient medical and surgical history
  • Insurance card and information
  • Current prescriptions
  • Medical allergies
  • Patient visit history

Pre-appointment connections

  • Add patients to your connections prior to their appointment
  • View the most up-to-date information, including insurance, ahead of time

Ratings and reviews

  • In-app prompt for patients to rate a visit
  • Leave post appointment notes


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2. I would recommend Connect to a colleague