Connect for Hospitals



Make connections with your patients like never before

We designed Connect to build better connections, giving you an unprecedented level of engagement with your patients and enhancing their quality of care.




Accurately capture patient data, catch errors, and verify patients’ identities to prevent mistakes.



Identify existing duplicate records within your system and track your progress toward eliminating them.


Integrated Appointments

Integrate with your EHR’s existing schedule to confirm appointments and pre-register patients.


Sign In

Digitize your registration process by enabling patients to sign in for their appointments using their smartphone.



2.3 million patients are victims of medical identity fraud annually


Gain all the benefits of biometrics
Our biometric identity resolution software accurately captures patient data, catches errors, and verifies patients' identities to prevent mistakes to ensure the right patient receives the right care.

Eliminate & Prevent Duplicates
Identify existing duplicates and prevent new ones

Get Started Quickly
Can be online and ready to go in as little as two days

95% Patient Acceptance
Value and protection contribute to our incredible adoption rate


Easily manage the health of your system
Our platform provides a streamlined process for identity resolution that saves time, money, and helps prevent medical errors. By organizing and managing duplicates, you can reach the goal of one complete record for every patient that much faster.

See what biometrics can do for you


Patient no shows can be extremely costly
That’s why we built integrated appointments into Connect — to work seamlessly with your EHR’s existing scheduling system to confirm appointments and pre-register patients, improving wait times and patient satisfaction.


Increase patient satisfaction and
drive operational efficiency

Using your outbound HL7 SIU feed, Connect links to your existing appointment schedule to automatically send appointment reminders and make life a little easier for you and your patients.

Confirm Appointments
Send appointment reminders via text message or mobile app

Pre-Register Patients
Prompt patients to complete all their forms for faster registration

Improve Data Integrity
Gain access to patients’ mobile profile, for up-to-date information

Reduce patient no shows today


Every patient visit creates 13 pieces of paper
Connect empowers hospitals to completely digitize their patient intake process, creating a more consistent, convenient and secure experience for every patient.

Modernize Patient Sign In Allow patients to register via Connect tablet or mobile app

Modernize Patient Sign In
Allow patients to register via Connect tablet or mobile app

Eliminate Sign In Sheets
Secure patient info, reduce costs and go paperless

Gain Real-Time Intelligence
Access real-time data on wait times and patient volume

Go paperless, get powerful

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Common Questions


How long does the installation process take?
Your hospital’s particular implementation time will vary based on number of registration points, but the average hospital is up and running in just one day.

Does Connect save images of patient fingerprints?
No. Connect uses unique points on your index finger to verify your identity without storing an image of the fingerprint.

What hardware is included with Connect?
Depending on the options you choose, Connect includes fingerprint readers for each point of registration in addition to tablets for digitized patient registration.


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