OliveLabs is your organization’s solution for automating unique workflows that currently require significant human input and intervention. Each OliveLabs project is custom-built by our automation engineers, and is designed for organizations who see automation and artificial intelligence as a meaningful component in the transformation of their enterprise.

Simple Pricing Model

All OliveLabs projects are priced based on kilobot (kBh) pricing. A kilobot is a unit of measurement that is consumed by Olive. Kilobots are a function of both workflow complexity and volume, allowing your facility to only pay for the hours that Olive takes to complete workflows.

Around the Clock

Olive works 24/7 and never takes breaks, sick days or vacations. 

Works Independently

We assign Olive tasks and she reports progress. It’s as simple as that.

System Agnostic

Olive uses your existing systems and tools and can leverage any EHR.

Simple Pricing Model

Only pay for the number of hours you want Olive to run. No more, no less.

How it Works

OliveLabs is fully adaptable to the systems, tools, and workflows that your health system already has in place. Projects typically involve neural net capabilities and/or an ASOC, leveraging advanced AI to make complex decisions within workflows.

Neural Nets

Human-Like Decision Making

Trained with historical decision data from your staff, neural nets allow Olive to make decisions just like your employees do today. A custom cogitation, each neural net is designed specifically for your facility and use case, allowing it to most closely mimic human actions.

ASOC (Automation Support Operations Center)

Transform Your Enterprise with AI and Automation

For facilities looking to operationalize AI across multiple teams or departments, ASOCs are an in-house solution for quickly identifying and deploying process automations. ASOCs are staffed with individuals focused on scoping, building, and evaluating the impact of AI for your team.

S.H.A.P.E. Methodology

Simple AI Project Prioritization

Within an ASOC, S.H.A.P.E. (Scaling Humans through Advanced Process Engineering) is used to identify, implement, quantify, qualify, prioritize, and track the progress of Candidate Processes for Automation (CPAs). S.H.A.P.E. provides a visual medium for understanding the AI implementation process.

Insights and Analytics

Track Olive’s Progress in Real-Time

Insights is your management command center dashboard that allows you to monitor, evaluate, and demonstrate the impact of Olive’s artificial intelligence and process automation capabilities. This dashboard will report trends, accuracies, efficiencies, and will allow for adjustments based on these insights to ensure the most operational value is realized by your organization. Metrics will be updated in real-time to ensure that your organization always has a complete and accurate view of Olive’s deployment.

Curious about the technology behind Olive?

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OliveLabs is fully configurable to your health system’s unique needs. Some of the most common workflows that Olive manages include:

Order Management

Surgical Prior Authorizations

Document Classification and Fax Sorting

Procedural Prior Authorizations

Data Migration

Prescription Prior Authorizations

Hire Olive for Your Organization

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