Connect for Practices



Connect to every one of your patients via their smartphone

View medical history, insurance info, prescriptions and more using Connect, so when their info changes, you're kept in the loop and updated in real time.


Digital Intake Forms
Patients can fill out all their forms digitally at their convenience and prior to their appointment.



Verify Insurance
View and download your patients' insurance cards to perform early eligibility checks.


Appointment Reminders
Confirm appointments and reduce no-shows with your patients all via text message reminders.


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How it Works


Start with a phone call

When a patient calls to schedule an appointment, start by telling them about how your practice uses the CrossChx Connect mobile app.


Schedule the appointment

Next, send an appointment reminder and invitation to download the mobile app (and another reminder 72 hours before their appointment).


Connect to all of your patients

Once they download the app and enter a few details, a patient can confirm their appointment and connect to your practice from within the app.


Get a complete profile for everyone

Lastly, a patient can complete their health history, intake forms, sign documents, and add insurance cards on their own time.


Go paperless in your practice

We'll make all your intake forms digital so your patients can complete them on their own time and prior to their visit.


Always up-to-date insurance

View the front and back of your patient's insurance cards, or print them to complete any pre-registration tasks.


Text appointment reminders

Send SMS messages to your patients so they have a record of their appointment and you get an easy confirmation.



Our data is twice encrypted and exceeds HIPAA security standards


Additional resources


Go paperless, get powerful
Watch this short overview to see all the benefits Connect can bring to your practice.


Customer interview, Walker Dermatology
Check out a recent interview with Sherain Martin at Walker Dermatology to see how Connect is making creating a better patient experience.

The No Show Patient Infographic
See the most common reasons patients miss appointments, the benchmarks by speciality, and how no shows impact practice revenue.


Common Questions

Does Connect work with any EHR?
Yes. As a web-based platform, Connect does not rely on any one system so it will work with any EHR you have.

How does Connect eliminate the paper form?
A patient’s Connect profile has accurate and up-to-date information, including contact info, medical history, and insurance coverage. Additionally, your office's specific intake forms can be digitized and completed by the patient at their convenience and prior to their appointment.

What if I don't have the CrossChx app?
Anyone can download the CrossChx app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play, however you can also invite your patients to create a profile by sending an SMS invitation.




Download the app for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play.
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