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CrossChx Launches Queue to
Bring Modern, Secure Patient Registration to Hospitals Everywhere

kiosk reduces patient wait-times by up to 80 percent


COLUMBUS, Ohio, Dec. 15, 2015 – To advance the patient experience and drive operational efficiencies, CrossChx, the leader in identity resolution for smarter healthcare, today announced the official release of Queue, an intuitive registration solution that offers real-time patient progression monitoring and reduces wait-times. Placed in registration areas, Queue check-in kiosks replace clipboards with a modern verification process that keeps hospital records secure and improves patient experiences.

Patients spend an average of 22 minutes waiting to see a healthcare provider, according to a survey of 2.4 million patients by Press Ganey Associates. The same report found patient satisfaction dropped significantly with each five minutes of waiting time. Queue offers administrators access to advanced analytics that have helped reduce wait times by up to 80 percent in pilots with 24 hospitals nationwide.

The Queue registration system includes a mounted touchscreen tablet equipped with CrossChx identity resolution software that accurately captures patient data, dedupes records, catches errors in patient medical profiles, and verifies patients’ identities to prevent medical mistakes and fraud. It also includes a wall-mounted display that shows patients their estimated wait-time.

“Waiting rooms today are confoundingly low-tech and medical records are worse off because of it. With Queue, we’re bringing clean, modern technology to the waiting room to improve how patients interact with their medical records, while simultaneously resolving patient profiles for consistent, safe care,” said Sean Lane, Co-Founder and CEO of CrossChx. “We’re finally replacing the clipboard and making hospitals and health systems far more efficient and secure in the process.”

A study conducted by Johns Hopkins Hospital found that 92 percent of errors resulting in costly and potentially dangerous duplicate medical records, occurred during inpatient registration. Queue allows patients to sign-in confidently and securely while helping hospitals improve the integrity and accuracy of their patient data.

Each Queue kiosk costs as little as $299/month, which represents approximately one-tenth the cost of comparable industry products. The CrossChx identity management system, SafeChx, is still free to all hospitals.

Key Benefits of Queue:

  • Reduces patient-wait times by up to 80%
  • Provides a streamlined workflow with one platform to manage
  • Delivers insights into patient volume to assist with scheduling and staffing
  • Syncs instantly and easily with the SafeChx identity resolution system
  • Average Queue wait time of under 5 minutes and 20 seconds

To date, CrossChx has resolved over 36 million patient profiles, and now represents more locations than any single health system in the US.

Queue is now available for purchase nationwide. For more information about Queue, please

About CrossChx:

CrossChx is the leader in identity resolution for smarter healthcare. CrossChx creates a universal patient ID to organize healthcare data and enable a new breed of innovative applications. Their flagship product, SafeChx, is the standard for safe, reliable patient access, and is now actively deployed at over 150 health systems nationwide. CrossChx has resolved over 33 million patent identities to date.

CrossChx was founded in 2012 by Sean Lane and Brad Mascho, and is based in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, visit



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